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Patient Explaining Problems to Doctor

Many people in our day and age are struggling with mental health, chronic pain, and developmental disabilities. The instinct for quite a few of these individuals is to deal with these issues by self-medicating. The drugs, alcohol, and pills may not cure their problems, they think, but they sure do help them forget the situation for a while.

At Texas Mind Science, we believe you shouldn’t have to struggle alone. At our offices in Richardson and Flower Mound, Texas, our revolutionary transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) treatment gives you an innovative and exciting treatment option to improve your health by using noninvasive magnetic pulses.

Here’s more information about how it works, and what conditions respond well to it.

What is TMS?

TMS uses safe magnetic pulses to stimulate electrical activity in your brain. Sometimes, the neurons in your brain are not as active as they were designed to be, leading to problems such as chemical imbalances and mental health disorders.

TMS treatment is very precise, so it can target specific neurons that are underactive. The boost in activity improves communication in your brain and helps reset your brain chemicals to their correct levels.

During your treatment, the TMS coil is placed near your head so it can send magnetic pulses into the area of your brain that is being targeted. Treatments usually last 20-40 minutes. They’re not painful and don’t affect your cognitive abilities, so you can resume normal activity as soon as the session is over. Patients see the best results after four to six weeks, with up to five treatment sessions per week.

Mental Health Disorders

At Texas Mind Science, we use TMS frequently to treat mental health disorders such as depressionanxietyPTSD, and more. The magnetic pulses are targeted at nerve cells in your brain that are involved in controlling your mood and depression.

As these areas of your brain begin to show increased activity because of the magnetic pulses, your depression and mood begin to lift. Relief will not be immediate, but it usually comes after a few weeks of treatment.

Chronic Pain Conditions

TMS can be effective in dealing with chronic pain conditions such as peripheral neuropathy as well. Chronic pain is typically defined as pain that lasts six months or longer. If medication and other treatments have failed to bring relief, TMS is used to target the area of your brain associated with pain.

As activity and communication in this area of your brain increase, pain perception can be inhibited, which means your pain levels will go down. Again, the best results come after a few weeks.

Developmental Disabilities

We can also use TMS to treat developmental disabilities such as autism and ADHD. With autism, for example, TMS can stimulate brain structures and networks related to autism, bringing improvement to their condition. TMS can also help balance brain chemicals and neurotransmitters, which also play a role in autism.

If you are frustrated with treatments that don’t seem to be getting anywhere for any of these conditions, call Texas Mind Science today or use our convenient online scheduler to set up an appointment.

You don’t have to fight your battle alone — Texas Mind Science is here to help.