Irfan Ali, MD

TMS Consulting Specialist located in East DFW, Richardson, TX & North DFW, Flower Mound, TX

About Dr. Ali

Dr. Ali is board certified in Family Medicine, Anesthesiology and subspecialty board certified in pain medicine.  He has extensive experience treating complex medical and psychiatric issues while working as a Family Practitioner in Rural Maine. Later on whole working as a Hospitalist in Central Maine, he continued to gain experience in treating complicated patients with underlying medical and mental disorders.

Later on, Dr. Ali joined Harvard for Anesthesiology residency and after finishing his training he worked as an Anesthesiologist in an underserved area.

Afterward, his curiosity landed him in Interventional Pain fellowship at Harvard.

He has extensive training and experience in the management of a diverse array of pain conditions, both chronic and acute as well as his prior life experience from Maine keeps his interest alive in various underlying disorders especially overlap of different psychiatric conditions in pain patients. In addition to the treating spine and extremity pain conditions, Dr. Ali specializes in the treatment of chronic venous disease and the use of TMS for chronic conditions.

Pain and Spine Physicians, which has since seen tremendous growth over the last 10 yrs since it’s inception.  Now at 5 available locations, a strong group of 10 providers and having seen over 15,000 patients, Pain and Spine Physicians has been an integral part of the North Texas Community.

While treating patients in pain, Dr. Ali witnessed the profound mental health issues that exist with such conditions.  Due to this, Dr. Ali began early diagnostic testing for mental health disorders in all of his pain patients and joined the team for the Ketamine treatment program for mental health.  With the introduction of TMS, he is eager to explore TMS as a novel approach to treating co-existing mental health conditions that have been difficult to treat in the past.  TMS is proven, safe, effective, and easy to use.